Becoming a member of the Circleville Downtown Business Association is an important part of helping to retain, restore and rebuild the central part of our historic shopping district.  Our downtown is proudly filled with quaint shops selling clothing, furniture, antiques, art, gifts, jewelry and collectibles.  Professional businesses of all types and sizes are also an important part of the downtown area.  Along with working on special projects to help with the beautification of our downtown area, we also sponsor various events and occasions throughout the year to bring more to the broader community around us.

Who should be a member of the DBA:

  • Businesses within the downtown area who are interested in working together for the betterment
    of our own business and others around us.
  • Businesses outside the historic shopping district who understand the importance of a vibrant downtown area.
  • Non-profit organizations who understand that small, local businesses within areas like downtown Circleville are vital to the fundraising in their organization.
  • Individuals who are interested in maintaining a vibrant and active downtown.

Please understand that while the DBA does not directly invest in maintaining any buildings of downtown, we do believe our efforts help create more activities to help businesses who are located within the downtown area.  When businesses do better, properties are able to be kept up better or landlords are able to make money to invest back in to the property.  Over the years the DBA has been a huge factor in various beautification projects including banners, flowers and so much more.

Our membership meetings are held the last Thursday of each month, generally from 8:00 – 9:00 a.m.  Meetings are designed to provide an opportunity to share important information about your business, as well as offering opportunities to learn more about our community, area events, customer service, merchandising and more.

Email:  info@circlevilledba.com


It’s easy.

Step 1 – Download the membership form (see below) or pay via credit card online.

Step 2 – Fill out your information

Step 3 – Mail in your form and payment

You can join the DBA by using the following Paypal “buy now” buttons below:

Use the button above for Normal DBA membership ($100):

Use the button above for Membership if a Chamber of Commerce Member ($75):

Click on the PDF Form below to fill out and mail in:

Membership Form Revised 3 9 2016


Member Categories

Antiques    –    Arts & Culture    –    Automotive    –    Banking    –    Beauty    –    Community    –    Education    –    Event Venue    –    Exercise & Dance    –    Financial    –    Food, Drinks, Sweets    –    Galleries    –    Home & Garden    –    Lodging    –    Museum    –    Printing & Graphics    –    Professional Services    –    Shops, Boutiques    –    Wellness