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The Circleville Downtown Business Alliance (Circleville DBA) is a non-profit membership association which represents the arts, retail, restaurants, banking, utilities, city government and other various types of businesses and individuals, with a common interest of strengthening the downtown area.  019Originally founded as the “Retail Merchants Association” in the 1970s, the organization changed its name to “Circleville Downtown Business Association” in 1996 and adopted its new name “Circleville Downtown Business Alliance” in September 2021; it continues to this day to focus on the well-being of the historical shopping district of downtown Circleville.

The objective of this organization is to improve business downtown through an ongoing program of promotional events, increased public interest and the improvement of the downtown environment.

Monthly Membership Meetings
Our membership meetings are generally held the last Thursday of each month.   Meetings are designed to provide an opportunity to share important information about your business, as well as offering opportunities to learn more about our community, area events, customer service, merchandising and more.

  • Bring your Family and Friends Downtown Circleville to….
    * Add a touch of culture with museums and handcrafted art
    * Buy name brand clothing and shoes
    * Dance and exercise for your health at various studios
    * Enjoy a special coffee or cocktail, succulent meal or tempting chocolate treat
    * Enjoy live music at various establishments
    * Find that special jewelry
    * Hunt for unique crafts, antiques and furniture
    * See a play at the Roundtown Players
    * Spend some time pampering your loved ones—from spas to fine candies

Support Circleville Downtown Businesses.  Dine, Shop, Stroll


Since the 70s when the Circleville Downtown Business Alliance originally started as the “Retail Merchants Association” there have been a variety of leaders who have helped first to start the organization and second of all continue it.  Thanks to every person who has served or helped in any capacity over the years to help maintain the historical shopping district of downtown Circleville.  Over that period the downtown area has changed more than any of us could have imagined and while our methods and styles may have change, the common goal of keeping the downtown area alive has not.  I don’t think any of us would have thought we would be working to “revitalize” what was once the very heart of our community.  With the help of the surrounding community the leadership of the Circleville DBA can and will continue to strive and move forward.

Current Circleville DBA Officers

Each year, Circleville DBA identifies new leadership to help manage the organization.  This is the current leadership and the businesses they are associated with.

Current Leadership:

Sue Lumley
, Ted Lewis Museum

Vice President
Jenny Rainey-Agresti, The Savings Bank

Jenny Rhoads, Pickaway County Welcome Center and Visitors Bureau


Current Standing Committees:
Downtown Beautification

Email:  [email protected]

Businesses and Individuals interested in joining Circleville DBA can click here.